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"No one can assure you the health of your Dell PC or the safety of your online activities, but this Dell speed up software makes it become real!"

"I am a computer newbie who have been tolerating my slow DELL pc for the last couple of months. But this Dell tune up tool makes me give up the thought of buying a new PC, because it is keeping my Dell run fast and error-free!"

System Requirements
  • Operation System: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.
  • Hard Drive: 20 MB free hard disk space or above.
  • More: 800 MHz Processor speed or more, 512 MB Memory at least.
  • Others: You must log on as administrator.

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Dell running SLOW? Do not ignore it!

dell slow

Many Dell computers run slow commonly due to poor system maintenance. They start to accumulate issues like: firstly become slow, then keep freezing, and one day crash all of a sudden! Typical symptoms include:

speed up slow dell

Speed up Slow Dell Computer

Diagnose your Dell computer and outline all issues found.
Show you how your Dell is performing through ‘Damage level’.
Guard & remove virus, malware out of your Dell PC.
Fix all your Dell computer errors such as outdated drivers, missing DLL files, redundant Windows registry etc.
Protect yourself from online surfing by cleaning those private files such as histories, caches, traces etc.
Compatible with Dell computers running Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.

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remove Dell malware

Remove Virus/Malware

Get rid of hidden malware, virus, rogueware etc out of your Dell computer and guard your Dell system safe from any virus attack.

manage Dell PC startups

Manage Startup Programs

With the startup manger function, it’s easier to decrease boot time by enabling or disabling programs on your Dell. You can also remove unwanted applications.

fix freezing Dell

Fix Registry Problems

Registry errors can cause many problems and make your Dell computer system sluggish. The speed up tool can remove registry redundancy and fix registry issues.

clean Dell

Clean Useless Files

Scan and clean up useless files including junks, temporary files, remnants of uninstalled applications etc on your Dell computer and help provide more free disk space.

optimize memory Dell

Optimize Memory & Disk

Defrag Dell’s memory to make all files and data in good shape & fix all errors, bad sectors/clusters hidden on your Dell’s hard drive.

protect Dell privacy

Protect Internet Security & Privacy

Clear all traces cookies, AutoComplete of your private information such as passwords, account numbers etc that are saved on your Dell hard drive when you use web browser to visit websites. This can prevent your privacy being taken by unknown person or malicious software.

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Software Screenshots

Note: see the step by step user guide on how to use the software to speed up your slow Dell computer and make it run faster.

Overview - Hit the “Click to Start Scan” button and then the software will start to diagnose your slow Dell computer for possible problems.

System Scan - It is now scanning your slow Dell pc. Note: this whole process may take a few seconds to minutes, you can click “Stop Scan” button to cancel the scan.

Tools - Here as you can see several useful utilities that can be used to mange for example files, startups, processes, BHO etc.

Settings - In this section, you can make some preferred settings about the Dell speed up software.

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