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System Requirements
  • Operation System: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.
  • Hard Drive: 20 MB free hard disk space or above.
  • More: 800 MHz Processor speed or more, 512 MB Memory at least.
  • Others: You must log on as administrator.

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How to Reboot Dell PC with or without CD

If you are a Dell PC user, you can perform a Dell restore to factory condition in a few quick and easy steps. This article will discuss some of the methods Dell uses in making sure its clients are able to revert your system in the event the operating system, drivers or settings become corrupt beyond repair.

Important: before you start, please use Windows Files & Settings Transfer Wizard To Backup Files & Data. The Files & Settings Transfer Wizard will automatically collect and save the files in your My Documents folder, including your Music, Pictures and Videos folders. Additionally, the wizard will collect and save the files on your desktop and in your Shared Documents and Shared Desktop folders (if more than one person share files on different user accounts on your computer). Learn more here.

Please note: if your Dell is running slow or Dell keeps freezing occasionally, try Dell speed up software to tackle.

Reboot Dell PC with a Disc

Reboot Dell PC without a Disc