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System Requirements
  • Operation System: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.
  • Hard Drive: 20 MB free hard disk space or above.
  • More: 800 MHz Processor speed or more, 512 MB Memory at least.
  • Others: You must log on as administrator.

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How to Make Dell Laptop Computer Run Faster

The issue

I have been using my Dell laptop for about 3 years and it works fine until one day it seems there are serious performance issues. How to make my Dell laptop run faster? Now it runs slow to start up to Windows 7 main desktop. Also when I attempt to launch programs such as Adobe Photoshop, FireFox browser etc, it becomes extremely freezing now and then. I really have no idea why the issue can happen to my Dell. I am quite sure there is no virus or spyware, so any other possible causes and how can I make my Dell run faster without paying for hardware upgrade?

The possible causes

Except malware attack, there are many other possible reasons causing a Dell laptop become sluggish. Most of them are related to system, such as overload startups on your Dell, not enough free disk space, Dell hard drive too fragmented, Windows registry corrupted, too many useless junk files, web browser plug-in errors and more.

Quick solution to make Dell laptop run faster

Generally you can make your Dell faster by disk defragment , disabling or uninstalling unneeded programs etc. But this way is not the most effective as you have to deal with each issue separately. Moreover, there are problems like registry/driver errors can’t be fixed manually. So it is suggested that you use the all-in-one Dell speed up software to diagnose your sluggish computer and make it run faster quickly & easily.

free download to make Dell run faster

# 1: Click the green download button and install the program on your Dell laptop. Then let it have a free scan and diagnose your computer for possible issues. See the image below, it is now checking your Dell’s performance issues.

# 2: When the scanning procedure is complete, then you can see a diagnostic report from the below image or similar. It’ll show you how many problems (and relevant damage level) existing with your Dell system.

# 3: If you want to fix them all in 1 click, simply click the “Fix All” button and all will be fixed. Now a Dell restart may be needed to check if your Dell laptop is running faster.

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