Dell PC Health Check: What Is It & Do You Really Need It?

You’ve heard about Dell PC Health Check, or maybe you already downloaded it and are using it on your computer.

The question is: does it really help improve your Dell PC health, or performance?

That’s the topic we’re going to cover in this post. But first…

What is Dell PC Health Check?

According to Dell, it’s a software that enables you to get a customized report detailing your computer’s errors, plus how to fix them in just a few minutes.

In fact, the program is a re-branded version of Iolo System Checkup, which was endorsed by the Dell brand. I don’t know why Dell decided to recommend this software to we Dell users, maybe Iolo has a good business relationship with Dell (just personal guess, lol).

What can you do with it?

Basically what Dell PC Health Check does what the name indicates: check your Dell computer for potential issues or causes for slowdowns by scanning the system, then fix all types of issues it finds. The software looks very intuitive with clear buttons. But you’ll have to pay to get a license to actually remove or fix the found issues.

Is it reliable?

It’s hard to say. During our test, the software lists a few hundred errors and urges to fix with an one-click button. After diving into the so-called errors, we find that most of them don’t deserve the attention as shown on the software interface. For example, junk files won’t harm Windows system that much especially if our hard drive has enough volume, right? Also, the software is not an anti-virus or anti-malware, making it less credible for doing such health check for your computer.

However, it does provide certain value for you to better understand your Dell system performance, though you don’t have to purchase the software to fix them. You can manually fix the problems, for example, clean web browser junks to speed up Internet surfing, update relevant software to resolve registry errors, etc.

Any other good alternatives?

For Windows PCs, I still believe in more about security software when it comes to checking system health — mainly detecting virus, malware or other kinds of threats that can do real damage to your Dell computer. To clean up system issues that Dell PC Health Check finds or fixes, I’d prefer to use freeware. In short, my recommendations are:

Norton Security by Symantec: an established yet traditional computer security product that provides powerful virus protection for your PC.

Piriform CCleaner: best cleaning utility for Windows based computers. Easy to use, quick to install and does it job nicely.


Dell PC Health Check may be a good program for new Dell users (or those who don’t have much computing experience) to quickly check system issues and clean up found issues. However, the lack of security features would make the software less about doing real “health check”. That’s why I suggest you get some other alternatives that do their jobs to keep your Dell system really healthy, secure and clean.

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